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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pro Photos or Con

Hubby and I right off Marta.  Gosh it looks early.

Professional race photos to buy or not to buy?  So hubby and I usually run together at most big races for two reasons.  One we enjoy this hobby together and it is great couple time.  (Insert appropriate gagging here.)  Second if it is a big race there will be professional photographers.  If we are together we can maximize the potential number of pics and make purchasing a packet fairly affordable.

I have to say at the Peachtree this year we definitely maximized our picture taking opportunities.  Of course we wait for a race where the weather is questionable, but hey, it is a memory.  If you have never been to the Peachtree there are literally photographers every two feet for hours before the run.  We committed this year to say yes to everyone who asked to take our picture.  We figured we would get one or two decent ones.

You all know how it is when you get the e-mail letting you know the photos are ready there is dread "I am sure they got that face I was making when we turned the corner."  Still some excitement because even if they got the face you will probably laugh and enjoy recapping the race moment by moment.  I have to say hubby's theory paid off.  Under my name we had 22 pics and under his we had 28.  He had the best pics, except I had two floater pics of me at the end, but couple pictures outweigh memorable running moments.  We bought the downloadable packet of 28 photos.  Since we had 28 photos and paid less than $50 all of sudden expensive race photos were more affordable.
Oh Yeah he is barefoot and drinking a beer.  Did I say we were just out for some fun?

Not only can my husband create a bargain with race day photos he is always coaching me about where the photographers are.  He is reminding me to slow down and smile.  Remember this is fun.  We have some fun race photos and like everyone who has ever run we have some filed away in that file marked NEVER OPEN PRIVATE.  If someone ever steals my laptop they are going to be pretty disappointed when they open that and realize it isn't porn.  Oh well they should not have stolen my laptop anyway.  
I did not say my smile was always natural

And we are done.  Wish you could see our muddy feet and shoes that really makes the moment


  1. LOl..kind of like 'pornless' running porn..
    I think they charge way too much for photos. You got a great deal this race, indeed.

  2. I have only purchased race photos when they have been really good shots of me in action. They tend to be pricey. Sometimes if you wait several months, the photography company will email you about buying race pic at a reduced rate because they are trying to reduce their inventory.