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Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Turning Back Now...Soldiers Half Here I come

So we booked  and prepaid for our hotel for the Soldiers Half Marathon in Columbus in November.  Thanks to a friend, who ran it last year, we got one of the last rooms at a new hotel built right across the street from the start and from where I have to pick up my number when we get in Friday evening.  This is also our anniversary weekend so we are staying Friday and Saturday and we sprung the extra $15/night for the King Suite.  This hotel wasn't even listed on the Soldiers site, but I feel so lucky to get it since we don't know the area this will cut down on logistics considerably.  Also hubby can head back to the hotel for an hour or so before heading out to meet me at mile 12.

I have never done a destination race so this is the first time I will be travelling and then running.  I will be sure to pack a couple of options based on the weather and I told hubby I would pack my pre-race usual 1/2 bagel with peanut butter.  I am so lucky because even though he isn't running he is my best race partner.  He has been looking over the course map and explaining the route and prepping me.  All of this, and he is spending his anniversary weekend cheering me on at my second half.  I think he is a keeper.

So my goal is under 2 hours.  I am not sure I can do it, but it is what I am shooting for this time.  I was 2:04 on my first and it was freezing and super hilly.  I am hoping I can improve on that.  Today we did 7 miles at the Atlanta Beltline.  It was my first longer run in my new Altra Intuition.  I am thinking those will be my half shoes.  They felt pretty good today and I know I have time to break them in more before the race.  I am excited to be doing another 1/2.  I love that distance.  It is enough of a challenge for me to up my training without me having to give up too much time training.  I just don't think I am a marathon kind of girl and I am okay with that.  I don't think it makes me less of a runner.  I am open to any advice from those who have traveled for a race. Fortunately for me it is just a 2 hour drive so it is an easy way first time away.


  1. I don't think not wanting to do a marathon makes you any less of a runner either. If you run, you're a runner!

  2. If you are driving, I recommend packing whatever you feel like, rather than trying to convince yourself, "Oh, I probably won't need/want/wear/use this..." It will put your mind at ease to know it's there, even if you don't use it.

    Oh, and plan your food / eating in advance. There is nothing worse than running around an unfamiliar town the night before or morning of a race, trying to find something to eat, especially if you are picky about race eve / morning eating.

    1. Thanks, Angela. This is great advice.