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Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Goals

Okay so it is Monday and the start of my Dailymile Week, so also the start of the running week.  Time to set some short term goals.  I love short term goals because the chance of completing them goes up exponentially as the time frame shortens.  Makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something.  I am back at work this week after 5 days off and I am heading out of town for the Georgia Water Conference on Saturday.  That will be a BUSY week as I have yet to really learn to say no and I am way overextended.  Look for a real slow down in blog posts.

I want to be realistic this week.  So here goes.

I started Plank a Day last week and I have been doing it after my runs while I am still sweaty so it seems realistic I can continue that this week.  Amazing that just this and I can feel it when I run.  Guess that means I was REALLY neglecting my core!

I plan to cook at home most of the week, with the exception of tomorrow.  Tuesdays in Smyrna, until the end of September, are Food Truck Tuesdays at Taylor Brawner Park and we love to go out there soak up the sun and some good street food.

I will get packed for our trip to Savannah for the conference.

I have a race Saturday before we leave.  Next week will be light on workouts while at the conference so I am deciding how hard to race Saturday.  Maybe it should be my tough workout, leave it on the course.

Run everyday.  I can't claim my RW's streak badge until I go 10 days after July 4th, since my streak was interrupted one day by a horrendous stomach virus.  Also I like to streak until my body says that's enough.

I want to eat my servings of fruits and veggies this week.

Also I want to finish the book I am reading.

That seems like enough for one week.  We finally saw the sun today after 5 days it was great! Hope everyone meets their goals this week!

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