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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Running Around

I am not sure when my husband and I started planning our whole weekend around running.  It just seems to have happened.  After breakfast it is like our whole day is in a holding pattern while we look at the weekend forecast choose Saturday or Sunday for our longer run and decide our running destination.  A promise of better weather and far less errands had us push back our longer run until tomorrow.  So excited, because we are getting up and heading straight to the Atlanta Beltline and Piedmont Park for around a 7 mile run.  I love running the beltline and I love Dancing Goat Coffee right around the corner after we finish up!

So today was an easy 3 at Silver Comet and many errands.  I don't know when our healthy lifestyle trickled down to our cats but an hour of my morning was spent making their homemade raw food for the next two weeks.  If we are going to try and eat well they should have the same opportunity. Raw food is great for them since it is all bioavailable.  They eat that and an organic grainless canned food, we also had to pick that up today.  It is amazing that a good diet and more exercise makes for healthier more active cats. Just like people!  Of course with 6 of them flying through the house like acrobats I might need to rethink that idea.  

Unfortunately, our organic petfood store is right next to our running store.  I hate when that happens.  I was out of Nuun so we headed over to replenish and look around.  I am trying two new flavors (Citrus and Strawberry Lemonade).  I also picked up a magnetic LED reflector for my pre-dawn runs.  I think it has a good design and it will stay on.  We have a cheap little one with a plastic clip we got at a race but it is not very stable.  

After all the running around I was reading on our porch and the mailman delivers my monthly Ellie Fit Fashionista Club outfit.  It is so cute.  I don't have any compression shorts and I love my capris and tights so I think I will really like these.  I also am so addicted to running tanks.  So much cooler and no extra bra means convenience.  Saturday was dedicated to our cats and our love of running.  

Can't wait to enjoy an early morning run tomorrow with hubby.  I wonder if we will run into the new Path Force, a specially formed police unit to patrol and guard the beltline!  Hope you had a fun Saturday!

What now?  I did not use your sports bra to take a nap.

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