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Monday, May 6, 2013

100th Post - Odds and Ends - Weekly Aspirations

Today is the 100th post since I started this blog.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy running.  So writing about my experiences and challenges has been fun.

The weather has been dismal and uncharacteristic here for the Sunny South in May.  Today was another gray, rainy, cold day.  Not sure what is up with that!  Oh well yesterday we had a little break in the rainy monotony and I had intended just to sneak in 3 miles.  I missed the sun, and when it appeared I had to take advantage so I stretched it out to 5 miles.

Hubby has been nursing a groin injury so it was a solo run for me.  It felt great.  Yesterday was International Barefoot Running Day so I returned home to the tripod set in the driveway and hubby waiting to pose a picture.  This is me after my 5 miler and hubby after 1 mile barefoot (he has to keep the streak going).  I haven't pulled the trigger on barefoot.  I run minimal mostly in zero drop, but haven't really thought about doing a barefoot run.  I don't rule it out; never say never.

Today was a test.  I have lamented before how hard afternoon or evening workouts are for me.  Tomorrow we have the ATC's  3,000 race and I run at 8 PM.  Hubby runs at 9:30 PM.  This will be a big test for me.  So today I slept in and packed my gym bag.  I had every intention of running at Silver Comet Trail after work.  Of course, in keeping with this Spring's Noah's Ark theme, it was pouring as I left work.  I had dressed out so I went home figuring I could kill two birds with one stone.  I could exercise after work, mostly a mental challenge and because I was home, could force myself to do strength training.  Happy to say, mission accomplished.  I did a short 15 minute, 1.5 mile run on the treadmill than did 15 minutes of various strength training.  Concentrated on core and upper body, but got in a few squats of both the one and two legged variety.  What's good for the glutes... I was happy.   Of course as I came in I had to get in the mental game so I was telling my cats "Mommy is not home.  This is the gym.  I just need to do this first."  Hey it worked.  Now hopefully I will be able to push through tomorrow, especially since it is also the track race I have been dreading.  Here is hoping race day adrenalin kicks in tomorrow around 7:55 PM.

Weekly Aspirations:  (I don't call them goals.  Another little mental trick)

Run everyday this week
2 Days strength training (1 down already)
Long run (weather Gods please cooperate!)
Do not embarrass myself tomorrow at the 3K
Practice being present
Be grateful for what I have
Be productive
Eat well

Have a wonderful week.

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