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Monday, May 20, 2013

How Did I Do That?

So went out to run this morning and was joined by an aching Glute muscle.  I would think automatically, I overdid it this weekend, but another rainy weekend kept both mileage and effort down.  So this morning's aching muscle was a surprising running companion.  It is definitely tight and it is tolerable walking and even running, but forget the complexities of bending over to pick something up.  I think people at work today thought I was testing them when I dropped my pen in a meeting and left it there.  I decided better to let them think it was a psychological experiment then bend down to get it and blow my tough street cred by screaming and crying.

It does seem a little better tonight.  Trying to decide whether to run in the morning.  I think it is just a strained muscle from over stretching last night; I am not exactly known for my Gumby like flexibility.  I tried to research it on the interwebs, but if I adhere the advice I have found there I can either ice it and rest or amputate at the hip.  I was just confused and decided time to take out the stick and some stronger wine.  Hey, we all have our own medicinal traditions.  I also some how injured my shoulder.  Hubby says I am falling apart, time for a newer model.  The shoulder seems fine this AM.  It is just odd because, as discussed, I am not even actively training for anything; so I am unsure how I became so injury prone.  Though I probably won't exercise much discretion by forgoing running I have decided that my mysterious shoulder injury will definitely necessitate a break from strength training.

Ever wake up with an injury and be puzzeled where it came from?  It would be one thing if I was really pushing, but I have pretty much been running for fun.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Now I really do need to use the stick before calling it an evening.

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