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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Tough Runner

I usually don't feature a certain runner or do a spotlight but today is different.  Remember the last time you woke up or came home from work and thought I don't feel like running?  All legitimate reasons I am sure: a scheduled rest day, an injury, just tired, or too much to do.  Well for my husband Dung (pronounced Yung) the last day he did that was 900 days ago.  Today is his 900th day on his running streak.

So he must be immune to all the things we experience: aches pains, real legitimate injuries, illness.  He is amazing.  Nope.  In reality I have seen him struggle with all of those things.  I have seen him barely able to get out of a car because of a groin injury and still he ran a mile that day.  Some people may think what about bad weather, cold, snow, rain, sleet, or heat.  He finds a way.  When he was out sick this year I begged him to take a rest day.  I asked him, as I have to confess, I have many times in the last 900 days "Are you going to run today?"  read with all appropriate wifely concern. He said, "that is like asking if I am going to eat today, or brush my teeth today."  In Dungese that meant "yes."  Some miles have been rough and slow.  But they have been consistent.

Runners measure themselves by lots of standards of toughness that make us a real runner.  Have you run a marathon?  Can you run a mile in 8 minutes?  Did you set a PR?  Are you training for a Tri?  Doing an ultra. My husband would tell you he does not want to run a half marathon, though I am still working on trying to convince him.  He does not enjoy long runs over 10K.   He does love running and he runs everyday.  Most days three miles, his favorite distance.  Sometimes 5 even the occassional 10, especially if he got lost.  When the running is the toughest just that one mile.  He always says "it's just 10 minutes.  You can do anything for 10 minutes."

He does not have to run an ultra to be the toughest runner I know.  He laces up everyday, regardless of pain, health, weather, or time. I have seen him run at 11:30 PM when we got in later than usual.  Even when the run may be less than ideal, his love and commitment to the sport never are.  He redefines tough runner for me everyday and you will never see him lined up for a marathon that lasts 26 miles; he is on one that has lasted 900 days!  Congratulations, you are one tough runner!  Thanks for the inspiration everyday!

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