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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Checking in

So this is the kind of spring we expect in the South and call us a little spoiled.  It is supposed to be the perk of living in the South.  As we celebrate the second rain soaked spring weekend in a row I thought I would check in with an update on goals and aspirations.

First on last week's goals.
Run  everyday.  I ran everyday but Friday.  I had a two and half hour drive Thursday and then had to get back in the car for the same drive Friday and the bad weather had moved in, so I did not persevere and run Friday.  I did make myself do an interval training run on the TM yesterday alternating between  hills and speed.

4 Blog posts. - Just made it by doing a post on my close encounter with a mystery man on my Thursday AM run.  I should have written yesterday but cuddly cats convinced me to lay around with them.

2 Strength training sessions.  Sorry to say this was an epic fail for me this week.  I have to get more in the mindset for that.

No gossip or judgement- Did pretty well with this.  Did find that I was more conscience of my inclination to do this because I had set that intention.

Cooking healthy when at home.  Since I wasn't home that much...I am not sure this counts as an achieved goal.  I did cook some healthy meals when I was at home.  Especially popular was my shrimp and rice with tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes.  Yummy.

Not a perfect success record, but I do feel I did better than if I had no goals.

New Years Goals are a mixed bag.

Half Marathon goal achieved.  I am planning to run another one in October.  Don't plan to run a bunch of them because of the cost and time away from hubby during training, but hope to do around 2 a year.  I like the distance and I enjoy having to do longer runs to be ready.

Running 1500 miles and everyday - I think this intention gets me out the door far more often than if I did not have it and except for the week I was really sick I have been running at least 6 days a week and sometimes 7.  So not achieved, but has certainly helped me be more focused and consistent.

Strength Train twice a week - Oh the value of stretch goals.  Still fighting to get this done.  Definitely doing more than last year.

This blog has helped me to write more and consistently.

Still working on adding a variety of grains but I have added several new recipes and ingredients.

Do more together and experience more. - I think we could do better with this.  We are in our 40's, both work hard and run everyday or nearly everyday.  Sometimes we are just tired.

Read more - Sometimes I do better than others.

Cook more at home - I am doing better at that but not incorporating as much salad as I hoped.

We do donate to charities that mean something to us.

I have been trying to work hard at work and work hard at being present at home.  I probably still have a way to go, but getting there.

I am not someone who really says "no" to projects, I could do a lot better in this area.

I have been trying to tell people in my life that they matter.  I am not a really emotionally open person so this is still tough.

That is my beginning of May update.  Hoping Spring weather returns to Atlanta and this is a good reminder to buckle down and refocus.

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