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Friday, May 17, 2013


What a long week!  This is one of those weeks where you have to put running on the schedule or  it falls by the way side.  Work has been crazy and on top of our scheduled and anticipated chaos, someone forgot to tell me it was "Angry, Unreasonable Customer Week."  We pleased no one this week and it feels like everyone of them ended up in my office.  I will say I have had weeks like this before I started running and after I started running.  There is definitely a difference.

I know when you are working late, stressed, and feeling really tired from work it seems like a crazy idea to get up at 4:20 in the morning to fit your run in.  I have to say doing that makes a huge difference.  I can tell I am calmer and being calmer helps you diffuse tense situations better, so no matter who is losing their mind, so far I have been able to hang on to mine, though just barely.  I do admit that around 11 AM and a stream of name calling customers I did walk out of my office and announce "I would just like to talk to one person who thanks us for providing clean drinking water and safe sanitation."  That was mostly blowing off steam.  The toll the week took on me was less than usual and I credit a commitment to sticking with my plan to run.  Confession time: strength training flew out the window and was hit by a bus this week.  Oh well reset and try again!  Hoping that the updated forecast predicting our 4th rainy weekend in a row is wrong.  I really want to do a long run with the hubby this weekend!  Fingers crossed for good weather and a calmer week.

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  1. Great job sticking to your plan. I love morning workouts - I feel so much better prepared for the day when I get my run out of the way.

    I'm sorry your work week was rough. Enjoy your weekend and things will be better on Monday.