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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hot Weather Running Prep

I am glad to put away the tights and jackets and I have been complaining about missing the traditional hot spring/summer weather in Atlanta.  Well I think it is safe to say Memorial Day Weekend has ushered in the hot season until at least October.  What I conveniently forget every year is that there is a whole different level of running preparation when the temp climbs.

First of all let's talk being a pale Irish Girl.  I am pale, like don't need reflective clothing, hubby has to wear shades when he runs alongside of me to avoid being blinded by the glare: PALE.  In fact today in the car on our way home from our run at the Big Creek Greenway we laughed when this song came on and I said,"hey, it's my theme song."  Don't get me wrong.  I am long past watching my much darker sister  fry herself like so much bacon and walk away looking like bronze goddess.  BTW if you are young and reading this that activity will catch up to you around 30, which coincidentally, is when I stopped envying her ability to tan and started comparing our skin. Never the less, protecting my skin and maintaining that recently released mental patient glow takes effort.  So I have sunscreen for my face Loreal Sublime Sun For Faces SPF 70, the great thing about this is it doesn't make me break out and when you sweat it doesn't sting if it gets in your eyes.  I have sunscreen I use for my arms, hands, shoulders, Australian Gold SPF 50.  Love the way it goes on not sticky and dries so you can't tell it is on.  Also smells great!  It is a little more expensive and application is labor intensive.  For my legs I use Coppertone Sport Spray SPF 70.  Application is fast and it is sweat and water proof.  It feels really sticky and so I can't stand using it everywhere.  Now assuming hubby hasn't gotten tired of waiting for me and already left to run, I still have to deal with body glide.

Then of course comes the complex decision of wearing a hat or my Adidas headband.  Always the decision of racer tank with built in bra or singlet or tech T with sports bra. That decision is going to have some Body Glide implications.  Who said it is just about putting on your running shoes and going?

In the end it is all worth it, because as hubby explained on our run today your muscles are much warmer and ready to go when the weather warms up.  Of course mine are...I have been rubbing them with every kind of sunscreen and anti-chafing product currently on the market.  Once I am American Cancer Society approved, it is out the door.  As simple as slathering on some body glide on my feet and sliding on my running shoes without socks, filling my handheld fuel belt water water bottle, strapping on my Nathan's belt, finding my ISmooth Run App, adjusting my all weather baseball cap, finding my running sunglasses and...hey is that my husband pulling out of the driveway?  Happy hot weather running.  Is running in the summer more complicated for you?

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