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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Long Break

Those that have seen the race schedule my husband and I usually do will understand that we like to go to races.  I am not saying we race everyone.  Some we go in saying this will be just a really energized group run, not trying for a PR.  Hubby will say "I am just going to run with you." The translation of that "I don't care where I finish, because compared to me you are slow, but I would rather have fun together."  We do find races fun and the truth is even when we're not trying to PR they end up faster than if we laced up to run our weekend run dates.

Because of the ridiculous weather we have been experiencing (fourth straight rainy weekend) some of the races we normally run have been cancelled.  To balance out the schedule our running club has eliminated other races.  Long story short our last race was the Track Classic 3K we ran a week and half ago.  We usually run the Father's Day 4 Miler in June.  It used to be a free a race with our membership.  Since they removed it from the competitive schedule, we now have to pay to run it.  Let me tell you running with your significant other is great for your relationship...not so great for your wallet.  Every race we want to do costs us twice as much.  Hubby and I decided to forego the Father's Day event.  This means we have no race until July 4th's Peachtree Road Race.  This is a long break for us.  I love running, so it is not that I lack motivation to get out and run, but the regular racing was like keeping your engine in peak shape.  You knew you would at least take the car out for a real test drive every couple of weeks.  Now I have to find that same competitive drive during some of my regular runs.  On the other hand it does mean a lot more Saturdays where I can sleep in.


  1. Despite the expense, I think it's awesome that you and your husband race together. Mine runs, and we are running one race together. He just isn't into the organized runs as much as I am. Of course, it's cheaper and that means that we don't have to pay for a babysitter, but it would be nice to have him on the course with me.

    1. Yeah it is worth it. It makes it more fun.