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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Husband and Wife Running

Today hubby and I ran a race with our running club, The Atlanta Track Club.  We have been running races together since March of 2011, when he told me all he wanted for his birthday was for me to run one race with him.  Also a friend of mine on Dailymile ran his first race with his wife.  He has been asking her to join him running and today she did her first race with him.  He ended up walking most of it but stayed with his wife the whole time.

I think running with your spouse is a great activity to share.  We enjoy quality time together and good health.  When we ran our first race my husband started with me and then he took off.  I had never run before let alone run 3 miles.  Actually I was fine with him taking off. I needed to figure out if I could really do this or if after 19 years together was I still so in love with my husband that I would agree to do things that I would never do.  You know we have all done it? 

Example:Guy you are trying to impress: "Do you like Nascar Racing?"
You: "Hell Yes."
Guy: "Great.  I thought this weekend we would go to the speedway and camp out in the bed of my truck overnight so we can start drinking beer at 7 AM with all my buddies."
You: "Did you read my diary?  This is exactly my entry under 'Romantic Dream Date'"

If you knew me before I started running you can clearly see a similar pattern, but maybe a little less starry eyed.

Husband (guy who should already be impressed that I clean his house, cook his meals, and do his laundry): "You know what I really want for my birthday?"
Me: "Did you take the garbage out, they come tomorrow?"
Husband: "For my birthday, I want you to do a 5K with me."
Me: "A 5 what"
Husband: "5K Race, you know run."
Me: "Why? Is someone going to be chasing me on your birthday? "
Husband: "I think it would be fun.  Something we could do together?"
Me:  "What the running or the ride in the ambulance?"
Husband: "Just try it for my birthday."
Me: "I couldn't just get you a car?"
Husband: "I will run with you"
Me: "Okay if you run with me."

See story above he did not run with me!  Also I did not end up in an ambulance and I did learn to love running even when I am not being chased.  Exercise with your loved one; it will make both your bodies and your relationship stronger!! 

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