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Friday, January 25, 2013

Running Clothes

So this is totally my husband and me. Our laundry does consist of our work clothes and other necessities but with both of us running 7 days a week the bulk of our laundry is definitely dry-fit running clothes, compression sleeves, and running socks.  Oh yeah my streak is still going. 

I have noticed everyone has a running style.  We all have a kind of look that we sport when we are out running.  For me I like to be girly.  I have to have a little pink.  My compression jacket is bright pink.  I mean bright, you can see it from space, pink.  But it makes me feel feminine and cute.  I am not going to lie I am definitely in the cute runner girl camp.  I will also tell you I love the cooler weather.  Not just because no matter how cute your outfit is, excessive amounts of flop sweat is not attractive, but because I LOVE running tights.  Since I live in Georgia and wearing them any other time of the year would result in death from heat stroke I love the winter.  Winter is the only time I can wear them. My husband is always looking for a race signature.  Something you wear or do every race.  So I wore my hair in pig tails at a race and several folks commented.  Voila! Signature race look.   Now for races I always wear my hair in pig tails, (hey I feel young and free when I run).  I usually have a color coordinated outfit and I even have matching sweat bands for the summer.  Some may say that makes a less serious runner, but who says you can't enjoy the way you look when you run? 

My hubby on the the other hand has a very unique style.  First of all he is impervious to temperature, so regardless of the weather he is usually in shorts and a T-shirts.  I think he has been lying to me all these years about being born in Vietnam!  I think he is actually an eskimo!  The best part is with his shorts and T-shirt he will wear his wool hat and his gloves.  Mind you this is not a look everyone can pull off. And before you ask?  Hands off Ladies he is all mine!

There are lots of running clothes and styles. What's yours?   

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