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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Real Runners

So what makes someone a real runner?  I often wonder about that when people talk about running.  To some people you have to run a marathon to be a real runner.  If the "marathon" is the only thing you trained for and you never lace up again are you more real than the runner who runs consistently 3-5 steady miles a day?  I heard someone say real runners mix up their training.  They do intervals, LSDs (not the drug, sorry to disappoint all you would be runners), Tempo Runs, Fartleks (real word), recovery runs, and easy runs. 

Sometimes I get exhausted just reading their schedule for the week.  Are they more real than the person who laces up and says today I feel good I think I will run a little farther and a little faster?  Real runners have equipment and fuel right?  I mean real running can't be as simple as shoes and a place to run?  We need foot pods, heart rate monitors, GPS watches, running apps, tech gear, hydration systems, and compression gear.  I mean real running is serious.

I don't know why we complicate everything.  Theoretically shouldn't running be the easiest least complicated exercise.  Talk about an exercises that is just about you and what your body can do: running should be it right? 

What Make a Real Runner: A comprehensive Technical Evaluation

1) They run.  I don't mean a certain pace, schedule, distance, or race.  I mean, while most slackers are lying in bed or watching TV a runner puts on shoes and runs.

Pretty complicated huh?  It does not matter where.  It does not matter if you run with the chord of your ear buds under your shirt or wear it (gasp) dangling outside (newbie).  It doesn't even matter if while waiting for the light to change you are mock running in place.  FYI...don't do that.  You look ridiculous, and it really pisses off real runners!


  1. I definitely am not a real runner! I leave that to the pros. I'm glad though- I could never have the endurance for the sport I just totally respect those who do! I can't believe all your upcoming races! So impressive. Just found your blog and I'm excited to get to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along...

    newest follower :)

  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it. The races help keep me motivated. Thanks for following my randome thoughts!!