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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Run

I love seeing Atlanta on a run.  Today Hubby and I headed downtown to enjoy the newly opened section of the Beltline and the Freedom Parkway Trail System.  After our run we headed over to an area they are revitalizing for the reward: great coffee and a chocolate Croissant. I am also using my long runs to prep for my half marathon that is about a month away now.  I am checking on how to fuel and more importantly ladies, to choose the right shoes. 

I am pretty sure I am going to wear my NB 730s.  They are light and pretty minimal but have a little more support than my Minimus Rd so I think they will give my foot a little more support on the long run.  Today Hubby ran the 7 miles with me.  I really appreciate this, because I know he does not enjoy running long distance as much as me. I will give him a break next Sunday and head out on my own for my long run.   To add a special level of difficulty there are about 100 restaurants lining the Beltline and all you could smell was brewing coffee and brunch!  I know he was thinking how many more miles before I get to eat? 

The Beltline is a great amenity in Atlanta and it is lined with original art projects.  That provides a much appreciated break in the run for pics and also great material for my blog!  There is nothing like using your run to explore new neighborhoods and get to see folks. 

Today s pre-run fuel I had one piece of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter.  I also had two of my sports beans.  I felt fine.   This run is over half the distance of my 1/2 marathon so I don't think I will need that much before my race.  I would rather err on the side of less and carry a few sports beans than eat too much and have a side stitch.  Weather was beautiful here and when the sun is shining in Atlanta the other runners are friendly and happy.  Today everyone was waving and wishing everyone a good morning.  It was a fun way to kick off the day.  Just one of those runs with my favorite running partner, enjoying the weather, art, good coffee, an a cool neighborhood.  Hope everyone has a great day!!

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