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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's with Guys

Okay so what is with guys? I mean is everything a competition, even when no one else knows you are competing?  There is a term "chicking".  It is used when a girl passes a guy.  My husband lives in fear that some day it will be this girl and he will be the guy.  That fear is about as based in reality as  his belief he is going bald and that as he celebrates day 770 something of his running streak, he has beer belly.   To clarify not likely!

Yesterday was a long day at work followed a frustrating conversation with hubby, mostly my fault, because I was already having "Kathy's terrible, horrible, not very good day!"  I don't know if I can adjust to this new attitude where I am so unsatisfied at work and just can't seem to find the passion and conviction I used to have.  I need to find a way to adjust to it.  Anyway story for another day. 

So this morning when my alarm went off I thought "hey I am ready to run."  Not, "hey I should be medicated.  What am I thinking?  It is 4:30 in the morning and 28 degrees out."  Nice departure from the norm.  I get dressed do all my morning chores and head out the door.  It is beautiful, stars are out, cool air, but no biting wind, like yesterday.  Wednesday is Chiropractor day so I had some extra time.  Thought "Cool I can do an extra mile."  I am feeling good and apparently I am not the only lunatic in my hood, because several folks were out this AM.  It is really hit or miss with pre-dawn running company.  Today it was like black Friday out there. 

So I am enjoying my morning zen and the perfect weather when this guy dressed like we live somewhere north of Antarctica, instead of a suburb of Atlanta, runs out of side street while I am crossing the street.  He gives me that quick wave, smile and nod.  Ladies you know the one it says, "hey there little ladies aren't you cute in you little pink "running" jacket.  See you later."  So I finish crossing and I am just starting my run.  I noticed Nanook of the North was not exactly burning up the pavement.  I think great!  I am warming up, I will let him pace me and stay behind him for the first mile.  Maybe I should have let my buddy in on this little plan.  Once he had paced me through my warm up I was feeling good.  So I just ran past him.  Same quick wave, smile, and nod.  Ladies, you know the one it says, "thanks I am working on starting slower and you helped me out!  See you later."  I don't think he appreciated this.  When I passed him he had this look in his face and it wasn't "the hey little lady look."  Then he pushed the hood off in that way guys do when they are pissed.  I did not expect to see my friend again, but when I reached my 2 on my out and back and turned around.  He was still out and I passed him again as he was making his way on the road.  This time no smile, no nod, no wave.  Instead he jerked his hood back up over his head.  I just smiled to myself. 

Running is really only about what you do.  Dude you were up at 4:30 AM in 28 degree weather running!  Good for you.  Who cares if a girl chicks you.  Why would you let me affect your run?  If you happen to read this and recognize yourself.  "Thanks.  I have been having a lousy couple of weeks and today you made me smile and enjoy my run more.  Also thanks for pacing my first mile."  Believe me there are plenty of mornings where I could slowly pace your whole run! 

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