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Friday, January 18, 2013

Runner's Quiz

So if you run you know there are some kind of questions that define runners .  Below are just a few.  For fun which are you.  I answered for me.

1) Do you run naked? - Not usually but if I just want to run for fun, yes. Get your mind out of the gutter! It means with or without technology. 
2) Music or footfalls - Running by myself I love my tunes love Rock My Run absolutely addicted.
3) Minimal or stability? - I am a no frills minimal girl
4) Running skirt cute or ridiculous? - Cute! If you love it rock it.  Wear what is comfy.
5) GPS Watch or Phone App - I run alone a lot so phone App. Love ismooth Run.
6) Treadmill or outside - So for those who could hear me complaining all the way to Alabama about our weather this week, I am an outside runner.
7) Run alone or with a partner - I do both.  I think running is good couple time, hubby might disagree and probably spends half our runs thinking "why did I ask her to run?"  Careful what you wish for, sweetie.  I also enjoy my zen solo morning runs cranking my music watching the stars.
8) Morning,  mid day, or evening runner? Totally morning.  Sadly I realized this week I need it more than coffee.  How did that happen?
9) Favorite Race Distance? - For me 10 K right now.  Long enough to enjoy getting lost in the run but not too long.
10) Formal training plan or winging it? - I am regimented in every aspect of my life, except running.  With running I let my body dictate and my over active mind takes a backseat.  That is liberating.
11) True or False you're only a real runner if you run a marathon? - False.  You are real runner when you run.

Bonus Question:
Complete this sentence.

I could not run without__Body Glide (Oh and my supportive Hubby)_____________________

Have fun and keep running.  Sun is back in the ATL.  Loved my morning run today felt like myself again.  Looking forward to a three day weekend with my husband and some nice running!

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