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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year Goals Status Update

We all make resolutions, or goals, or whatever you want to call it in the new year. This blog gives me a chance to try and be accountable so I am grading myself on how I am doing so far. 

First the easy ones, easy because I was already doing them and only hope to continue doing them.  Not much of a goal, but we all need some padding to make us feel better. 

Goal: Try to run everyday. - Check.  I am still running everyday.  I have been since the week before Thanksgiving.  It is not as hard as I thought, but there have been a few days where it was touch and go.  Especially a week of rain where you look at that treadmill with as much excitement as you have for getting your flu shot. 

Goal: To Run a 1/2 Marathon. - Have made good progress.  I signed up for the Locomotive Half in Kennesaw for Sunday, February 17, 2013.  That is 3 weeks away.  I have been steadily working my own training plan and I feel pretty ready.  Next week while hubby heads to San Diego for a family visit, I will be doing my final long practice run (a two hour run as prep).  I don't have a bunch of performance goals for the 1/2.   I think those just interfere with my primary goal of not embarrassing myself by being hauled away in an ambulance.

Goal: To Read more. - I am doing pretty well with this.  I have already completed 7 books this month.  I signed up with Good Reads for their 2013 reading challenge and committed to reading 60 books this year.  If you could not tell I like to use the Internet to help me be more accountable.  People who know me might think that is pretty funny, because some might say I am the most self-motivated person they have ever met.  That, by the way, is not always a good thing.

Goal: To run 1500 miles in 2013. - So for all you mathematicians out there, you know that is approximately 29 miles a week.  I am a little behind that averaging 27 - 29 miles a week.  I still have time, but I may not make the 1500.  I will crush the 988 from 2012.  Really this is just a way to make sure I keep pushing myself.  I try to focus more on being able to run without injury, so sometimes I don't make the 30 miles a week. 

Goal: To eat healthier. - Just to be clear, my normal diet did not consist of chocolate ice cream, Frito's, and fried chicken prior to 2013.  BTW my husband wishes that was our regular diet.  I had a pretty good diet.  Mostly I wanted to add more salad, eat out less, and eat less processed food.  I have been pretty successful adding more salad.  We are now eating about 5 a week with our dinner.  I have not been as successful with eating out less or the processed food.  Sometimes a girl is just tired or late!  I have done well about bringing my lunch to work so I don't go out at lunch. I haven't given up just trying to be honest about where we are.

Goal: To watch less TV. - I think we have done better with this.  I no longer just watch TV.  I cut out stupid reality shows about housewives and endless bickering.  I can't help it, I am still addicted to food competitions.  I know, but I get some good recipes from them. Today we had an Asian Purple Cabbage Slaw.  Thanks to Lizzie on Top Chef!  If there isn't anything I want to see I shut it off and read or do something else.  We could probably do better with this and like the eating healthier I am still trying.

Not being exactly where I want, but working toward improvement is why I call them 2013 Goals not resolutions.  We are a month in and I think I am doing okay.

New Goal: Finding a new job. - For those who have read my blog you know I have made the decision, following a talk with my boss, to find a new job.  I don't just want to jump frying pan to fire so I am really trying to take my time and decide what the next best move is for me.  It is definitely a goal to be in a new job by the end of 2013.  I kind of look forward to a new challenge and a fresh opportunity.  How are your New Year goals going?  It is never to late to evaluate, adjust, or recommit!

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