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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life on the Edge

So who doesn't like to walk on the wild side, live on the edge of insanity? As my co-workers drop like flies from the Flu and various other ailments, I realize that the ultimate life on the edge move...signing up to run your first 1/2 Marathon during the height of a Code Red Flu Season.  So officially I am no longer associating with any living human beings, or as you will be called until February carriers. 

You may ask how can someone whose job is largely about speaking to large groups and meeting with professionals and customers going to avoid personal contact?  It won't be easy, but living on the edge never is, now is it?  First of all I am implementing a conference call only zone.  If people want to collaborate, face to face interaction is overrated, especially when everyone is a virus incubator.  As to speaking to large groups I have thought about a few options: can I set up a web component and appear virtually?  Since I work for a local Government, and we are currently discussing whether we can afford the ongoing decadence of staples, which can't be reused, over mandating a reusable paperclips only policy.  I think the virtual me will have to wait.  So we move on to precautions.  I am sure you have seen those folks wearing the surgical masks.  I am not sure I can show up to speak in a surgical mask.  I am pretty good at overcoming obstacles with an audience, but the mask does make it seems that I think they are all the equivalent of the Monkey in Outbreak, and it is hard to get folks to warm up to you after that.  So hand sanitizer it is, on my key chain.  You laugh but "The Bing Bang Theory" has made germaphobe, anal nerds very don't hate! 

Mostly I am just training, taking my vitamins and supplements, and eating right.  Hopefully in a weird turn of irony, good health will keep me healthy.  Who knew?  Seems drastic, but it's my best bet!  So in case you see me and I duck behind a desk or parked car instead of hugging or shaking hands don't take it personally it is just part of my half marathon training.

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