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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What a Week

So grateful to live in the sunny south!  It started raining here on Sunday afternoon and it still has not stopped!  Right now we are under a potential winter weather advisory!  For those not from the south think of a winter weather advisory in Atlanta like a very polite version of Armageddon with a stock pile of bread and milk.  Also everyone automatically starts driving about 5 miles per hour even though it is actually still 40 degrees and raining.  Psychologists should really study the southern winter weather effect.

Anyway it goes without saying that as an early morning runner rainy dark mornings mean treadmill runs!  I don't mind running in the dark in mornings, but with rain those who barely pay attention to me now in "ideal" conditions are likely to make me a permanent part of the pavement.  Have I mentioned I am not a huge fan of the treadmill.  I usually find my center for the day on my morning run, but running on the treadmill just leaves me feeling less than satisfied and like I am missing something, like driving to your favorite restaurant only to find it closed down and now you have to make do with the perfectly fine Chinese place next door, it is adequate but it is not what you wanted, craved or expected.  (See, I bet you thought I was going to compare it to sex or something. Gotcha!)

To say this was not the week to miss out on the run that is so integral to me being the easy going, compliant, placid, friendly, even tempered person everyone wishes I was is an understatement.  The work issues from last week linger, and those of us from the south are conditioned to see sun.  Five days without it really makes you edgy and let's just say less genteel.  Not only that, I am in the middle of my half marathon training and Tuesday I just could not even fake it through my TM run and bagged it a little over a mile in.  Don't lose faith completely!  I did use the time for core and some upper body conditioning.  I know what a wuss, poor me!  I couldn't bare to run on the treadmill in my own house.  I really do sound like a whiner.  Well yesterday was time to "suck it butter cup!" 

I got up in the morning and checked outside.  Pouring down rain.  Thought to myself "now that's a nice change of pace."  Did something I have not done since May, I reset my alarm for 5:15 and went back to bed.  When the alarm went off I told hubby "don't go run without me tonight.  I am going to run after work."  Did I mention I hate running in the evening almost as much as I hate the treadmill.  (Wow I am really high maintenance!) Yep I am one of those!  A morning person!  That person that bounces out of bed as if I was just coming in from running errands.  Feet on the ground, day started.  You may hate us.  If that is the case just watch us around 4 PM.  That is when we have officially shut down and we can't blame it on needing our coffee.  My run yesterday in the rain, at 5 PM was a suck it, stop whining moment.  I owe the hubby for his patience and for slowing the hell down!  It is amazing the difference in our running abilities based on the time of day.  Running with him at 5 PM when he is in his zone is like running with Mo Farah especially when I look like this. Well I did it and I didn't die.  Hopefully this winter weather advisory will be like most we get in Atlanta, a fabulous financial boom for Mayfield and the now defunct makers of Wonder Bread!  It is finally drying out for the weekend and next week.  back to training and hopefully back to finding my Zen on the road! 

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